When Amanda first wrote to me about her wedding, she described herself as “always smiling.” Over the year of conversing via email and phone, I could not wait to meet her and the fiancé she spoke so highly of. I was, however, in no way prepared for the larger than life personality of Ketan. Pure magic. This couple was SO. MUCH. FUN! Huge smiles, laughter, hand gestures and love mark their persona.

Ketan and Amanda were married in her family’s backyard outside of State College. Her parents meticulously prepared the property for the day and their hard work resulted in a personal and breathtaking venue for their daughter’s ceremony. Pocketful of Posies created stunning florals that pulled the natural decor of the yard into the hands of the bridesmaids and decorated the altar. Rose petals lined the aisle that brought Amanda to her handsome groom.

A downpour arrived just as the ceremony ended and, as guests headed to the reception in buses, the bridal party huddled on the front porch. As the rain became a part of the wedding story, we did portraits under the cover of porches and sheds to create memorable and beautiful images. More laughter and running between the rain drops created stories that will be shared for years to come.

The reception was held at Hidden Falls Farm Bed and Breakfast. This was my second wedding at this venue and it is one of my favorites. I was taken with the gorgeous decor Amanda had designed for the barn and the romantic feel the florals hanging from the rafters created in the entryway. Her father had painted an old couch for the couple to sit on during toasts and more creative florals adored the tables, walls and cake.

Ketan told me many times how much he and Amanda love children and every part of their wedding day was a testament to this. At the reception, they had glitter tattoos and face painting as well as other fun things for the kids in attendance to do. Their bright faces, alive with smiles and silliness, brought such life to the day!

My three favorite things about Amanda and Ketan’s wedding were:

  1. How much Amanda’s family loves them. They worked tirelessly to give her the wedding of her dreams in their backyard. Every detail spoke of adoration.
  2. The dresses! From the bridal gown to the bridesmaids wardrobes, I was blown away by the beauty. Amanda literally took my breath away when she turned around in her gown after putting it on.
  3. There was a unique feel to this wedding that I had a hard time putting my finger on. When I thought about it while working on the photographs I took, I realized that the wedding day was not all about Ketan and Amanda. It was not all about the party or even the ceremony. It was about becoming family. Celebrating life, love and friendships, enduring loss together and holding tight to that which means the most. What beautiful hearts this group of people have!

Now, without any more ado, enjoy the wedding of Amanda and Ketan!

Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_001 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_002 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_003 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_004 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_005 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_006 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_008 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_010 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_011 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_012 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_013 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_014 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_015 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_016 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_019Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_017 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_018Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_022 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_023 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_025 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_026 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_028 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_029 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_030 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_031 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_032 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_033 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_034 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_036 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_037 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_039 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_040 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_041 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_042 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_045 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_046 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_047 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_048Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_044Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_049 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_050 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_051 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_052 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_053 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_054 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_055 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_056 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_057 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_058 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_059 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_060 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_061 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_062 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_063 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_064 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_065 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_067Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_066Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_069 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_071 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_072 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_073 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_074 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_075 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_076 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_077 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_078 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_079 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_080 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_081 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_082 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_084 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_085 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_086 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_087 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_088 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_089 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_090 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_091 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_092 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_093 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_094 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_095 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_097 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_098 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_099 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_101 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_102 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_103 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_104 Hidden_Falls_Farm_PA_105

Ketan and Amanda’s wedding contributors include:

Ceremony : Family Home

Reception : Hidden Falls Farm Bed and Breakfast

Hair and Makeup : BMSHL

Florist : Pocketful of Posies

Cake :  Jeanne Butler

Caterer : Letterman’s Sports Bar and Grill

DJ : Troy Breon


I distinctly remember sitting across from Rob and Ashley at the Knickerbocker the first time we met. As they shared their story and vision for their wedding, they continually turned to look at each other to laugh and smile. Their connection made me fall in love with “them.” Sometimes it happens just like that and its my favorite.

When the big day finally arrived, it was exactly as I suspected it would be – absolutely wonderful. Elements of Rob and Ashley were everywhere, which is one of the things I enjoy seeing couples do most at weddings. I’ve highlighted the gorgeous graphic design work and lettering that Ashley did for her wedding in this post. She is an incredibly talented artist and I loved seeing it showcased. In addition to creating many pieces of the reception decor themselves, they utilized some amazing local vendors (listed below) to round out their vision.

After being married under the arbors of a huge tree on the property of General Potter Farm, guests enjoyed cocktails while we captured family, bridal party and couples portraits. Just as we finished up, a huge storm rolled in. While rain pelted the metal roof, the newlyweds were announced and the celebration started.

The Bachelor Boys brought the party and guests danced all night long. Ashley rapped a duet with the lead singer as they brought “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to life. Rob made rounds to visit with guests and spend time with his closest friends. Ashley’s childhood teddy bear, Candy, was introduced during the maid of honor’s toast and stayed for the night. Throughout the evening it could be seen making rounds into the arms of family and friends on the dance floor.

At the end of the night, my heart was full having spent the day witnessing so much love, support and laughter. That is when I realized that was actually my favorite.

1. The three things I loved most about Rob and Ashley’s wedding were:The authentic relationships they have with the members of their bridal party. It was evident that each one cared about the couple and were there for them. Not to party, but to help and celebrate. After the rain began, the bottom of Ashley’s dress got a little dirty. Before the reception began, all five of her bridesmaids were on their hands and knees scrubbing the train. That is true devotion and it was not lost on me.

2. One of Rob and Ashley’s most important things for me to capture on their wedding day was the giving of gifts to their friends and family. They wanted me to be sure to document their faces when they were given their cards and presents. I feel that speaks volumes about this couple’s heart.

3. Finally, I got to see the exact same smile on three generations of faces. Ashley’s grandfather, her father and Ashley all have identical, beautiful and contagious smiles. Being one of the things that stands out to me the most about Ashley, it was fun to see it in her family members.

Congratulations, Ashley and Rob! May your wedding day be only the first of many incredible events in the years to come.

General_Potter_Farm_002 General_Potter_Farm_003 General_Potter_Farm_004 General_Potter_Farm_005 General_Potter_Farm_006 General_Potter_Farm_007 General_Potter_Farm_008 General_Potter_Farm_009 General_Potter_Farm_010 General_Potter_Farm_011 2017-09-17_0001General_Potter_Farm_012General_Potter_Farm_013 General_Potter_Farm_014 General_Potter_Farm_015 General_Potter_Farm_016 General_Potter_Farm_017 General_Potter_Farm_020 General_Potter_Farm_021 General_Potter_Farm_022 General_Potter_Farm_023 General_Potter_Farm_024 General_Potter_Farm_025 General_Potter_Farm_026 General_Potter_Farm_027 General_Potter_Farm_028 General_Potter_Farm_030 General_Potter_Farm_031 General_Potter_Farm_033 General_Potter_Farm_034 General_Potter_Farm_036 General_Potter_Farm_037 General_Potter_Farm_038 2017-09-17_0004General_Potter_Farm_039General_Potter_Farm_040General_Potter_Farm_041General_Potter_Farm_042 General_Potter_Farm_043 General_Potter_Farm_044 General_Potter_Farm_0452017-09-17_0005 General_Potter_Farm_048 General_Potter_Farm_049 General_Potter_Farm_050 General_Potter_Farm_051 General_Potter_Farm_052 General_Potter_Farm_053 General_Potter_Farm_054 General_Potter_Farm_055 General_Potter_Farm_056 General_Potter_Farm_057 General_Potter_Farm_058 General_Potter_Farm_059 General_Potter_Farm_060 General_Potter_Farm_061 General_Potter_Farm_062 General_Potter_Farm_063 General_Potter_Farm_065 2017-09-16_0003 2017-09-16_0004 General_Potter_Farm_069 General_Potter_Farm_070 General_Potter_Farm_071 General_Potter_Farm_072 General_Potter_Farm_073 General_Potter_Farm_074 General_Potter_Farm_075 General_Potter_Farm_076 General_Potter_Farm_077 General_Potter_Farm_078General_Potter_Farm_067General_Potter_Farm_079

Rob and Ashley’s wedding contributors include:

Ceremony and Reception : General Potter Farm

Hair and Makeup : Evolve Hair Studio

Florist : Pocketful of Posies

Farm Tables : Barnes Farm Tables

Wedding Planner : Stephanie Vanderlin

Cake :  M&C Cakery

Caterer : Brown Dog Catering

Character Artist : Angie Jordan

Band : The Bachelor Boys

  1. Sherry Johns said:
    Tera you captured the beauty and essence of Ashley and Rob's very special celebration! Kudos!
    September 18, 2017  2:45 pm


The day started with a heavy morning rain that lead into a beautiful, summer afternoon. When I arrived at the lakeside cottage, Shawn and Abby were wrapping up last minute preparations before starting their own getting ready routines. They got dressed in neighboring rooms that shared an open ceiling arrangement so they could talk to one another. Their dogs circled Abby’s legs as she put on her dress and barked at the window as friends and family started to arrive.

Abby and Shawn created a wedding that reflected who they were in every sense and, to me, that is always beautiful. This started with a first look among the ferns and tall trees that cover the McCann School grounds. The look of adoration on Shawn’s face stood out to me as he kissed his bride and made her laugh. Following portraits in State College and on campus, we headed back to the McCann School of Art for their wedding. A large group of friends and family stood at the end of a bridge and watched Abby and Shawn unite in marriage in a Quaker wedding ceremony. They each stood next to one of their dogs and quietly exchanged vows. The simplicity and beauty of the moment was lost on no one.

After the family photos, the three of us went to the opposite side of the bridge where Abby and Shawn let their dogs swim in the lake. These were some of my favorite moments from the day, because it as so natural.

The reception showed a different side of the couple as beer growlers, buckets of silverware and large bouquets of flowers decorated the blue and white tables. Barbecue was on the menu and the bar featured signature drinks and sodas that the couple have come to love while living in Michigan.

Following diner, My Hero Zero rocked the dance floor and filled the pavilion with lights. Guests danced, played yard games and visited the art gallery. I was taken by how perfect the night was and enjoyed that this incredible concert was taking place out in the middle of the woods. As the evening wore on, guests were transported back to their hotel by bus and left having witnessed the start of something very special.

My three favorite parts of Abby and Shawn’s wedding day were:

  1. How they incorporated their dogs seamlessly into their day. From getting ready with them in the cabin, to having one pup retrieve the wedding rings, to their after ceremony swim and to a sweet dog pie topper, I loved it.
  2. Watching Shawn look at Abby during their first look, their portrait time and especially during their first dance.
  3. The remoteness of their wedding venue provided an unparalleled experience for their guests. There was complete privacy to listen to loud music, stroll the property, let children run free and enjoy the evening.

Now, come take in the beautiful, visual story of their day!

McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_001 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_002 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_003 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_004 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_005 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_006 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_007 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_008 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_009 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_011 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_013 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_014 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_015 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_016 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_017 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_018 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_019 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_020 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_021 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_022 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_023 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_024 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_025 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_026 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_027 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_028 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_029 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_030 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_031 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_032 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_033 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_034 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_035 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_036 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_037 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_038 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_039 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_040 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_041 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_042 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_043 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_044 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_045 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_046 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_047 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_048 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_049 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_050 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_051 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_052 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_053 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_054 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_055 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_056 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_057 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_058 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_059 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_060 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_061 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_062 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_063 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_064 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_065 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_066 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_067 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_068 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_069 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_070 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_071 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_072 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_073 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_074 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_075 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_076 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_077 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_078 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_079 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_080 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_081 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_082 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_083 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_084 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_085 McCann_School_of_Art_Wedding_086

Abby and Shawn’s wedding contributors include:

Ceremony and Reception : The McCann School of Art

Hair and Makeup : Viva Bella Salon

Florist : Woodrings

Pies : Wegmans

Dress : Maggie Sottero

Caterer : Doan’s Bones BBQ

Band : My Hero Zero


Patrick and Alison were married under the arbors at the Penn State Arboretum. I had waited a long time to watch these two tie the knot and their wedding day did not disappoint. Over and over I told Alison that her dress, flower crown and bouquet looked like a top designer had coordinated everything to match the floral surroundings.

Their reception was unique in that they had a brunch at the Atherton Hotel for their guests. Everyone enjoyed sipping orange juice, eating ornately cut fruit and creating custom omelettes. All of the aspects of this wonderful day spoke of Alison and Patrick and I love that!

Other than the gorgeous portraits we took throughout the day, my favorite part was two fold : first when Alison pinned Patrick’s corsage on after their first look and he could not stop staring at her, second when we were walking into the gardens after the ceremony and he said, “I am just so happy.” True love at its sweetest and finest. Another reason to adore this couple!

Enjoy a trip through beautiful lace, red lipstick and stunning flowers as you scroll through this stunning wedding. Congratulations, Alison and Patrick!

Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_002Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_003Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_001 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_004 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_005 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_006 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_007 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_008 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_009 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_010 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_011 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_013 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_014 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_015 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_016 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_017 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_018 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_019 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_020 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_021 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_022 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_023 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_024 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_025 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_026 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_027 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_028 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_029 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_030 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_031 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_032 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_033 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_034 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_035 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_037 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_038 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_039 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_040 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_041 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_042 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_043 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_044 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_046 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_047 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_048 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_049 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_050 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_051 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_052 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_053 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_054 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_055 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_056 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_057 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_058 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_059 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_060 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_061 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_062 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_063 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_064 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_065 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_066 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_067 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_068 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_069 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_070 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_071 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_072 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_073 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_074 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_075 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_076 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_077 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_079 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_080Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_084Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_083 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_085 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_086 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_087 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_088 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_089 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_090 Penn_State_Arboretum_Wedding_091


Wedding rehearsal dinner photography is a different kind of fun. Between the sparkle of love Mike and Katrina held in their eyes and the patriotic Americana decor at the barn of a family friend, the affection in the air glittered like fireworks.

Everywhere I looked there were tasteful, iconic splashes of red, white and blue –  in the flowers on the tables, flag garlands, guest’s bow tie (wait for the pic below!) and especially the giant flag backdrop that was lovingly painted on a wall inside the barn. It was even more touching to know that Mike and Katrina’s friends did the decorating themselves. It was a joy to capture the sparkle of adoring Mike and Katrina and their amazing group of family and friends. Even now I can’t decide which was my favorite little detail of the evening. Katrina’s perfect red heels? The light as day turned to evening casting a perfect Fourth-of-July-glow? The Grilled Stickies with ice cream that came around on wooden trays? Or the sweet laughter and tenderness Mike and Katrina shared with each other and each of their guests.

Okay, that bagpiper you’ll see isn’t a typical American icon, but his music created a special feeling as guests walked down the driveway to enjoy the warmth and special glow of the evening.  You can almost read the love, laughter and tenderness in everyone’s faces as guests and family read “roasts and toasts” to the bride and groom.

Shooting photos of laughing, loving people is something I’ll never tire of. I especially loved watching the groom’s father’s face light up over the many, many funny, kind, and loving things said about Mike and Katrina. This is what stood out to me most of all from the evening – the sincere and deep love that everyone under the tent shared. The tears in each parents eyes as they listed to toasts, thank yous and stories about their children. They came from a special past and leap forward into a new and exciting future.

It’s all there in the photos, take a look and enjoy the moments captured as two people basked in the love and admiration of their family and friends.

State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_001 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_002 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_003 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_004 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_005 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_006 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_007 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_008 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_011State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_009 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_010 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_012 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_013 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_014 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_015 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_016 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_017  State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_019 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_020 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_021 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_022 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_023 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_024 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_025 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_026 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_027 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_028 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_029 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_030 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_031 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_032 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_033 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_034 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_035 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_036 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_037 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_038 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_039 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_040 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_041 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_042 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_043 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_044State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_056 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_049 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_051 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_052 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_053 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_054 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_055 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_057 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_058 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_059 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_060 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_061 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_062 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_063 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_064 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_065 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_066 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_067 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_068 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_069 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_070 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_071 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_072 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_073 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_074 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_075 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_076 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_077 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_078 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_079 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_081 State_College_Americana_Wedding_Rehearsal_082

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